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DA Plans To Oust ANC From Power in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro

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On Thursday, the Democratic Alliance (DA) said its plans to depose the African National Congress (ANC) from power in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro would benefit communities.

Nqaba Bhanga, the DA’s provincial leader, met with the party’s mayoral candidate and other opposition parties in the coalition government to plot a coup against ANC Mayor Eugene Johnson.

The parties are calling for a vote of no confidence in the ANC-led coalition, which they blame for the metro’s collapse.

Bhanga stated that he would submit a request to the DA’s federal executive in the hopes of obtaining approval for the steps that he and other opposition parties wish to take.

“We decided to put our difference aside and save our city from the looting of the ANC. We are born here and love this city and will do everything in our power to make sure that it doesn’t happen,” he said.