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Cushioning the Blow for Many Zimbabweans

In some households, hunger is more devastating than the coronavirus. In Zimbabwe, in particular, containment measures prevent many day-to-day workers from earning their daily bread. For the past 19 days, Samantha Murozoki, an immigration lawyer, has been helping the most vulnerable residents of her neighbourhood in Chitungwiza. “I used about $200 in cash and after we ran out of money, I started bartering. I had things I had at home, sneakers, jeans, whether we were trading for a packet of corn or cooking oil, to have things to cook for the day as the number of people increased”, Samantha said. What started as a small initiative in her neighbourhood has attracted many people from neighbouring vicinities. Since April 15, Samantha has served over 4,600 meals. Last week, she received 500 kg of flour, 20 kg of beans and sugar and 10 kg of salt from a national wholesaler to support her initiative.