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Curro Learners Call On All South Africans To Join The #HopeToHeal Movement

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Following the events of the past few weeks, 66 000 learners from the independent school group, Curro Holdings, have initiated a movement called #HopeToHeal. As we need to #RebuildSA, the movement is a collective message to South Africans to evoke the spirit of Mzansi and add their viral voice by sharing a message of hope to heal our nation.

Driven by the #HopeToHeal video 20 young Curro learners perform a rendition of the legendary anthem “Something inside so strong,” as sung by a Grade 12 learner, Phoebe Mgxali from Curro Sitari and written by British songwriter-singer Labi Siffre in 1987 after watching a documentary on apartheid-era South Africa.

Although the song serves as the spine of the campaign, the video is centered around the concept of a Curro ‘family meeting’, structurally referencing the President’s family meetings. It begins with “My fellow South Africans” and concludes with “May God bless South Africa and all her people.” Snippets with the views from learners across the Curro group are featured describing the South Africa in which they want to live and what they need from adults to make this happen. Learners also express what they think will save our country.

Marí Lategan, Curro Holdings Executive: Corporate Services, says that the riots have affected us deeply as a people, communities and a nation. “As we seek to #RebuildSA we need to find ways to heal emotionally, physically, financially and economically. It will take a collective effort, both on the ground and within our hearts, but we need to have Hope as South Africans that we can indeed rebuild and pick ourselves up from the rubble.

“The Curro ethos is centred around educating learners to become responsible citizens who will have a positive impact on the economy, environment and society. We are therefore proud to see our learners rally South Africans to inspire an attitude of change,” says Lategan.

Along these lines Sabrina-Gabriel Friedman, a matriculant from Curro Aurora says “I want to live in a South Africa that others also want to live in where we are all offered equal opportunities and the barriers are removed. We need to know that there is in fact a South Africa that we can look forward to. The one thing that we need right now is hope. It’s the kind of hope that believes in this country. It’s knowing that things will get better if we are willing to work towards it.”

The #HopeToHeal video was produced by Curro Create, part of Curro Holdings’ creative initiative in partnership with Wordsmith’s Theatre Factory. The video was conceptualised and directed by award-winning theatre-makers Hennie van Greunen and Pedro Kruger, founders of Wordsmith’s Theatre Factory.

According to Kruger, it is the hope, wisdom and talents of this generation that excite him. “The future of South Africa is in very good hands with these inspiring learners and it’s their voices that we are hearing loud and clear; we need hope to envision the South Africa that we all deserve.”

Van Greunen concurs and says that working on the #HopeToHeal project and collaborating with these socio-politically aware learners salved his own anxiety and fear about the violence that consumed us in the past few weeks. “Through this crisis we are able to express ourselves creatively. With such strong voices, the sooner we put these youngsters in real decision-making positions, the better for our country.  The future is, indeed, in the energy, passion and love of our youth.”

Curro calls on all corporates, consumers and school communities to join its #HopeToHeal efforts to increase this moving video’s viral reach in order to inspire every South African with its clear message of hope and unity. The YouTube video can be found here.

“By creating a digital groundswell for #HopeToHeal our learners intend on reaching the young and old, from all walks of life and geographies, by giving them reasons to believe that the future is bright, unified, inclusive and full of hope,” concludes Andries Greyling, CEO of Curro Holdings.