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CT Says Lockdown Regulations Need Tightening

The City of Cape Town’s safety and security directorate said government’s lockdown regulations will need to be amended to ensure residents abide by the rules.

A meeting was held at the municipality’s disaster operations centre to reevaluate its response to the COVID-19 crisis.

While most residents have remained indoors, people in several other neighbourhoods are refusing to comply by staying at home and practicing social distancing.

The City’s JP Smith said it’s still too easy for someone to lie and say they are heading to a shop for essential items when all they plan to do is wander around.

“We ask the good people who are doing the right thing not to change and to continue doing the right thing; continue staying in your homes so we focus our resources in areas where are not complying.”

Smith said a method worth considering should be allowing people with certain surnames to leave their premises on certain days.

Another suggestion is the use of a permit that gets signed at the supermarkets people visit.

He said law enforcement officers have used the last two days to educate and create awareness on COVID -19.

However, from Sunday, officers will start to arrests and fine transgressors who continue to ignore the new limitations on movement.