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CT Residents Investing In Solar To Capitalise On Incentive Programme – CoCT

The City of Cape Town said that Capetonians were capitalising on the city’s cash-for-power programme to help end load shedding.

The municipality said that 10% of all solar installations in Cape Town in the last five years were done in January and February this year.

Cape Town Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis said that this was a new record for solar PV installations in the city.

Hill-Lewis said that the city would start paying businesses cash for power before June.

He said that residents would be able to start selling power for cash later this year.

“This shows that the incentive packages that we have rolled out and the process simplifications are starting to have an effect. Of course, the biggest incentive is still beating load shedding but it’s encouraging to see that people are seeing the policy changes and incentives we are offering and are responding with significantly increased investment.”