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CSA Apologises To Sanef, Journalists, After Rescinding Accreditation


On Monday, Cricket South Africa (CSA) admitted to revoking journalists’ accreditation at cricket games, saying the organisation was not given a chance to comment on problems there. CSA has still not appointed a director of Cricket, and has had a number of management problems. Former Proteas captain Graeme Smith also withdrew his interest in the position, saying he wasn’t sure he would be given the space to make the changes he needs.

Speaking on Breakfast with Bongani Bingwa on 702, CSA’s CEO Thabang Moroe said: “The one issue that we have as CSA is really not being given an opportunity to comment on the affairs of CSA. Accreditation was revoked but that does not stop journalists from being able to enter the game.”

Moroe has since spoken to the South African National Editors’ Forum, and has sent the following apology:

Again, thank you for taking my call and giving me a moment in your busy schedule. As I alluded to you that as head of operations at Cricket South Africa, I take full responsibility for what transpired over the weekend and that I don’t think such a drastic measure was necessary! With hindsight being the perfect vision one can easily think to have spared a few minutes in my day to try and personally get hold of the journalists and assess their position myself.

I have been in talks with all the journalists and personally apologised for the embarrassment they suffered, I have also committed to a “sit down” with them so we can have frank discussions around CSA and cricket. Mr [Ken Borland] is currently on holiday and I haven’t been able to get hold of him but will continue trying him.

I take this opportunity to once more apologise, unreservedly so to you and your organisation for the mishap, and can assure you that it will not happen again!

Looking forward to meeting with you once we are able to sync our diaries so we can gingerly move forward together!

Kind regards,
Thabang Moroe CSA