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Cruise Passengers In CT Quarantined After Contact With Coronavirus Person

CAPE TOWN – Cruise passengers off the Port of Cape Town are still under quarantine on Wednesday after a few people had contact with a person who is being tested for coronavirus (Covid-19).

The Transnet National Ports Authority said two vessels, the Italian flagged MV AidAmira and a cargo vessel are being held off port limits.

This is after a crew member on board one of the vessels began to exhibit symptoms of COVID-19.

Two shipping crew members flew to Cape Town from Turkey, their destination was a cargo ship called the MV Corona.

Little did one of them know, he’d soon be under quarantine with a suspected case of the virus.

As soon as the symptoms presented, the crew member returned to Cape Town and the standard contact tracing procedures began.

Authorities realised six passengers on a cruise liner due to leave from Cape Town had been on the same flight as the men.

None of them have any symptoms but they’ve also had to return to port, and both the MV Corona crewmen and the cruise ship passengers are undergoing tests.

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