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Creating a Channel to Nurture Talent that Will Represent Malawi’s Football Goals

Other nations, particularly in West Africa, have found ways to tap into its youth, turning the Toures, Ayews and Aubameyangs of this world into international stars. Often operating in collaboration with foreign clubs and prominent players – the prestigious Kadji Sport Academy in Cameroon has ties with Seville and Athletico Madrid, for example – they offer a gateway to Europe’s big leagues and prosperity. It’s a road map that, until recently, has been lacking in Malawi. The country is the second poorest in the world per capita, according to 2016 World Bank data, and relies heavily on its agriculture sector, while being prone to droughts and floods. Like societies around the world, football is both a mode of escapism and a means to escape poverty. Chigoli uses a holistic approach, with private school scholarships, ensuring a rounded education in a country where only 14% of children complete secondary school, according to UNICEF.