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COVID-19 Positive Employees May Not Have To Test Again For Negative Results Before Returning To Work

New COVID-19 labour-related regulations make it possible for employees who have been diagnosed with the virus to return to work without testing negative for the virus.

The Business Day on Tuesday reported that this is one of the amendments Labour and Employment Minister Thulas Nxesi has made to alleviate pressure on laboratories.

According to the new directives, an employee who contracted the virus can return to work after spending 14 days in quarantine provided a medical evaluation confirms they are fit for work.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organisation now said it was rare for someone who was not showing COVID-19 symptoms to infect other people.

The health agency’s Maria van Kerkhove said this data had been revealed by countries that were doing contact tracing.

“In a number of countries, when we go back and discuss with them, one; how are these asymptomatic cases being identified? Many of them are being identified through contact tracing, which is what we want to see.”

The organisation has urged countries to adopt this approach as part of efforts to contain the disease.

Van Kerkhove said what appeared to be asymptomatic cases of the virus often turn out to be mild infections.