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COVID-19 Infections Among Kids Under 5 Are On The Rise – NICD

Image: Pexels

The National Institute for Communicable Diseases’ (NICD) Dr Waasila Jassat on Monday said there was growing concern particularly around how this virus had led to young children needing hospital care.

“Now in this fourth wave, we’re seeing a sharp increase in all age groups but particularly the under 5s. Incidents in those under 5 are now second-highest and second only to those over 60.”

Department of Health spokesperson Foster Mohale said while vaccines were not yet available to children under 12 years old, it was become even more important for their families and loved ones to get immunised.

“The current variant, Omicron, is also affecting the young children, hence we are encouraging parents, guardians and communities to make sure that they limit transmissions within communities.”

Officials are reminding the public that their Vooma Vaccination campaign will be running until Friday and the public get the jab at any site without a booking.

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