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COVID-19 Hot Spots Will Determine Whether Lockdown Lifted – Testing Committee

The Ministerial Advisory Committee on COVID-19 said on Tuesday that the number of infections in hot spot areas would determine if the nationwide lockdown would be extended again.

Tuesday is day 26 of home confinement for South Africans and those who can are working from home, while those who can’t face an uncertain future.

With testing being ramped in many communities across the country, there’s some good news with over 1,000 people having recovered from the virus in SA. Of the 3,300 confirmed cases on home soil, 58 people died.

Professor Koleka Mlisana is the chairperson of the testing committee.

“Remember we are all concerned about the economy of the country. As the testing is being ramped up, we will then have an idea where are the hot spots and where the risk is low and how best do we relax the lockdown but we still have a few days to do that,” Mlisana said.