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COVID-19: Cuban Medical Professionals Begin Work Across SA

Three groups of Cuban medical professionals have hit the ground running in the Eastern Cape, Limpopo and the North West.

They’re among 217 Cubans who arrived in South Africa last month to help in the response against COVID-19.

The Cuban medical professionals spent two weeks in quarantine after they landed in the country. Now they are ready to start working in the trenches alongside their South African colleagues.

Among the group are general practitioners, family doctors, epidemiologists and biomedical engineers.

Several biostatisticians will also be lending a hand, they are medical professionals with a particular interest in data, a rare skill in the Eastern Cape and Limpopo, where they’ll be deployed.

The Cuban medical professionals will be stationed in every province with most going to the worst hotspot areas.

Twenty-eight will be deployed to the disease epicentre of the Western Cape, 20 will go to the neighbouring Eastern Cape and 29 will go to Gauteng.