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Couple Convicted For Toddler Jeremiah Ruiters’ Death Set For Sentencing

Sentencing proceedings against a couple convicted in connection with the death of 18-month-old Jeremiah Ruiters get under way on Tuesday morning.

The toddler was beaten to death by his mother’s boyfriend in Kensington in June 2017.

In December, Abigail Ruiters was found guilty of child neglect, while Ameerudien Peters was convicted of rape and murder.

Almost three years after the death of Jeremiah, his mother and her ex-boyfriend are back in the dock to face sentencing proceedings.

Abigail Ruiters had her bail revoked in December when she was found guilty of child neglect.

During the trial, the mother insisted she was only aware of some of her child’s injuries and stated she believed his genital wounds were as a result of a nappy rash.

The court found that those wounds were inflicted by her boyfriend, Peters, who she had left the child with while she went to work.

Peters was found guilty of repeatedly abusing the boy and inflicting excruciating pain on the child during his short life.

The toddler had injuries to his genitals and mouth and had broken bones in his legs, hands, rib cage and head.