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Could this Be the Beginning of Zimbabwe’s Economic Recovery?

The Commercial Farmers Union (CFU) which is comprised of the largest group of white farmers evicted from farms under Zimbabwe’s controversial land-reform programme has welcomed the deal offered by government last week to give them land in lieu of compensation. Zimbabwe made what appeared to be a climbdown from the land reform programme last week after gazetting a law to offer farms, as an alternative to compensation, to selected white farmers. The cash-strapped government does not have adequate funds to pay the farmers for compensation and has resorted to offer land to break the two-decade impasse. In an interview with Business Day, CFU director Ben Giplin said the new law mainly applies to white farmers protected by the bilateral investment promotion and protection agreement (Bippas). “The measure will likely apply to a limited number of about 200 foreign citizens covered by ratified Bippas and possibly several hundred farmers who are classified as indigenous.