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Corona Sunsets Festival To Feature Big Beats – And Encourage Plastic-Free Sustainability

  • 3 min read

The first global beverage brand to achieve a net-zero plastic footprint globally in 2021, Corona’s Sunsets Festival aims to host a plastic-free festival this year!

South Africa’s biggest music and lifestyle event, Corona Sunsets Festival returns to Johannesburg, at Huddle Park on October 29th, with not only a spectacular lineup of international and local talent but an intention to advocate sustainability and leave as little behind as possible. 

As the first global beverage brand to attain a net zero plastic footprint, festival sustainability ties in with Corona’s deep connection to nature and a broader responsibility to do all it can to protect our environment and our oceans.

Along with eco-awareness surprises & attractions, there will be no visible plastic at the festival, barring plastic used in some of the setup logistics. Food vendors and bars will only be using paper & biodegradable packaging.

“All of these single-use plastics do not need to end up in landfill and we are proud that Corona Sunsets Festival is taking an active role in event sustainability. The goal is to also get festival goers thinking about the environment and what small changes they can make in their lives to positively impact the environment,” Marsha Kumire, Marketing Director Corona South Africa

Festival goers will have the opportunity to learn how these changes can be incorporated into their daily lives to contribute to a better world, aligning with Corona’s efforts to help protect the world’s oceans and beaches from marine plastic pollution. As a brand born at the beach and deeply connected with nature, Corona has a responsibility to do all it can to be an ally to our environment and our oceans.

Included is an offline Pledge Draft in which pledges will then be written on small pieces of fabric and pinned to a feature wall at the festival. Ultimately, Corona plans to reuse the fabric pieces as inners for scatter cushions and beanbags.

“This is the most anticipated lifestyle festival of the season and, really not to be missed. Corona Sunsets Festival truly has its own unique atmosphere, with not only world-class music but activities like a Mixology Session where you can learn how to make Corona cocktails. An underwater & outdoor VR Experience, and a bonding Drum Circle to unwind and relax. Let’s not forget the molten glory of the sunset moment you’ll get to experience with your good friends,” said event organizer, Shaun Duwe.

To buy your festival ticket, visit: #ThisIsLiving #CoronaSunsets