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COPE Ends Makhubele’s Membership

The membership of Joburg Council Speaker Colleen Makhubele in the political party COPE has been cancelled after she stated the organisation is part of a newly created alliance called the South African Rainbow Alliance (SARA).

SARA is a voting bloc led by Makhubele that includes a number of tiny parties such as the NFP, AARM, ICM, and churches.

Party president Mosioua Lekota stated that while the party explored joining the alliance, Makhubele was not given the go light.

He was speaking during a media briefing in Kempton Park on Monday afternoon, where he introduced the party’s registration campaign.

Just a few months after former COPE deputy president and MP Willie Madisha was ousted from the party, Joburg Council Speaker Colleen Makhubele has been fired.

Makhubele’s portrait was shown on posters that were extensively disseminated online, creating the impression that she led the party to join a new coalition known as SARA ahead of next year’s national elections.

A clearly enraged party general secretary, Eric Mohlapamaswi, claimed Makhubele, the alliance’s chairwoman, ignored party lines.

“The posters feature the name of a Johannesburg councillor. As a result, she has terminated her own membership.”

This means Makhubele will no longer serve as Joburg Council Speaker, and the party will have to field a replacement.