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COP28 was Africa’s Most Vocal Climate Summit

African countries entered the recent COP28 negotiations on climate change in high spirits. The African bloc sought to speak to its expectations with one voice. It was no surprise that African leaders communicated their positions on various issues at COP28 vehemently. For example, the African Group of Negotiators strongly demanded “fairness and differentiation” towards Africa in the global drive for energy transition. The continent was also vocal in its demand for the Global Goal on Adaptation at the conference. The Global Goal on Adaptation was proposed by the African Group of Negotiators in 2013 and established as part of the 2015 Paris Agreement. It calls for collective commitment to helping states improve their resilience and reduce vulnerability to climate change. The boldness with which African leaders pursued the agenda is commendable. This sets the African agenda for future climate summits: the continent is becoming assertive in its environmental diplomacy. The demand for a loss and damage fund has been on the table in many COPs. Its eventual operationalisation at COP28, with an initial US$400 million in pledges, is a victory for Africa – the continent is one of the regions most acutely affected by loss and damage.