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Consumers Fear Contracting Covid-19 Through Food, CGCSA Says ‘don’t Panic’

The Consumer Goods Council of South Africa (CGCSA) on Friday said it was concerned by reports of customers disinfecting groceries in fear of contracting COVID-19 from eating or handling food products.

Despite the coronavirus not being food-borne, the CGCSA said many shoppers had turned to extreme routines to sterilise their groceries.

The council’s Matlou Setati said as South Africans continued to shop for essential supplies at supermarkets stores, individuals should implement safety measures as close contact carried the highest risk of infections.

Setati said there was still no evidence that food or food packaging was associated with the transmission of the virus.

“Food is not yet scientifically stated as being able to transmit the virus; that’s what we have seen now with people returning bread, which should not be the case. Food will not cause any harm because it has undergone rigorous processes. That is what we are faced with now. People are panicking because of lack of information.”