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Congolese Army to Mobilize Youth to Tackle M23 Insurgency

The Congolese army has announced a general mobilization of youth to fight the M23 rebels who are gaining ground in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.It comes in response to DRC President Félix Tshisekedi’s call for youth militant groups.

Major General Sylvain Ekenge, spokesman for the DRC army, said at a press conference: “The nation is in danger, and it needs its worthy sons and daughters to serve it under the flag, to defend the territorial integrity.”

“The Democratic Republic of the Congo’s armed forces are already recruiting a large number of young people to serve under the flag.” There are currently over 2000 of them in Goma alone. “The M23 advances have displaced an estimated 183,000 people in North Kivu alone since October 20 and destabilized relations in central Africa.