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Concerns Around Blackouts Worsening

The ongoing blackouts will get worse unless there’s a credible intervention.

That’s the view of energy analyst Ruse Moleshe. 

Eskom has plunged the country into Stage 6 blackouts until further notice.

The power utility says it’s due to the breakdown of 11 generating units.

It is now operating below 50 percent of its capacity.

“It’s getting worse because we are not arresting the problem which was meant to be arrested, which is ensuring that liability maintenance,” Moleshe said.

“It’s getting worse also because the renewable energy projects we thought would come in but it seems a lot of projects do not have access to the grid.

“The problem is getting worse. The longer you take to resolve the issues, the more problems you will have.”

Meanwhile, the National Energy Regulator will decide on the utility’s price hike application.

Eskom wants the public to pay 32 percent more for electricity for the next financial year.