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Commuters in Gauteng To Expect Delays From Uber and Bolt on Monday Due Strike

Commuters in Gauteng can expect delays when seeking Uber and Bolt trips on Monday due to a strike by drivers and vehicle owners over commission rates.

The drivers also want e-hailing companies to discontinue trip radar services, which send notifications to all drivers when a trip request is made.

According to the E-Hailing Partners Council, the service forces drivers to take rides without providing enough information, such as the ride charge, distance traveled, and pick-up and drop-off locations.

“Our drivers’ pockets are empty. Their ability to repair the automobiles is deteriorating by the day. So that’s why we’re organizing this protest,” said Kenny Moretsele of the E-Hailing Partners Council.

While commuters may still request rides, he warned that pricing might be expensive owing to the protest.