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CoCT Forges On With Salary Hike

The City of Cape Town said it would stick to its increases of 6.25% for office bearers, despite a grim financial outlook due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Several corporate executives had taken salary cuts due to the global pandemic.

Deputy Mayor Ian Neilson said the salary hike was agreed to two years ago.

“We are part of the national bargaining council which, in 2018, put a three-year deal together and the City is required, because it is part of that bargaining council, to implement that 6.25%.”

He said the budget had however been heavily adjusted due to COVID-19.

“We have cut significantly. We will continue to manage that throughout the year. We have frozen posts for example, we have redeployed staff, and we are looking at all the ways that we can.”

According to the budget tabled last month, the City will have to absorb around R2 billion in the wake of the COVID-19.