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CNN Journalist Shares Reasons for Going Back to Nigeria

Stephanie Busari and her daughter moved to Nigeria from London four years ago. Moving to Nigeria was partly because she wanted her to grow up in a world without racism and micro-aggressions, and the mental exhaustion that comes with them, just like I did when I was her age. A world where her capabilities would not be pre-determined by her race. A world where she would be part of a majority and not a tolerated minority. This unexpected but vital exchange with my daughter has made me realize that, as Africans, we too have race privilege — because we simply do not have to contend with race at all. In a country where everyone is black, your identity is not in question. Instead, we have a strong sense of who we are. I have visited the village where my grandfather was born, I speak my language and I know all about my culture and heritage. Black people around the world whose ancestors were removed from Africa in chains during the slave trade cannot lay claim to those lost identities so easily. Moving back to Nigeria has given me a respite from the burden of oppression that black people abroad have carried for centuries.