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City Of Joburg Set To Complete Permits For Informal Traders

City Of Joburg Set To Complete Permits For Informal Traders

The City of Joburg said that it would complete the process of issuing permits for informal traders on Friday.

The process was halted after a large crowd descended on the registration center in Braamfontein on Tuesday, compromising safety and social distancing regulations.

So far, more than 1,200 trading permits have been issued for street vendors.

The city said that there were only 300 other hawkers who were yet to be issued with permits to be able to operate during the lockdown period.

The city’s Nthatisi Modingoane said that they were in the process of finalising the registrations.

“Permit traders that are on the city’s database will be called individually and they will be informed as to where and when they can collect their permits. So the process is continuing.”

Only traders selling fruit and vegetables are allowed permits.

A small number of traders has already started operating on the empty streets of the city.

Those already back at their stalls have commended the city’s move to allow them to return.

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