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City of Cape Town Urges Residents to Avoid Dumping Objects into Sewer Network

The City of Cape Town is urging residents to desist from dumping things into the city’s sewer network.

According to the city, objects such as plastic, stones, and sand have caused obstructions, resulting in the poisoning of pure water sources.

The City of Cape Town Water and Sanitation Directorate argues that removing manhole covers is irresponsible and constitutes an environmental and public safety concern.

According to the metropolitan municipality, sewer pipes frequently become blocked immediately after being cleansed.

Heideveld and Blue Downs have been recognised as hotspots for blockages in the last four months.

The city encourages communities to adopt proper garbage disposal techniques.

It has asked members of the public to report incidents where persons are tampering with manhole covers and putting rubbish into the sewer network.