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City Of Cape Town To Conduct Simon’s Town, Glencairn Inspection After Huge Blaze

City of Cape Town Safety and Security MMC JP Smith was expected to conduct an inspection around Simon’s Town and Glencairn on Saturday afternoon following a massive fire.

Rescue teams have been working against strong winds while battling the raging blaze for at least four days in the Cape Peninsula area.

Helicopters were used to extinguish the fire in affected places.

While the blaze in the Glencairn Expressway area has been completely contained, minor flare-ups can be seen.

There’s one fire engine and just a handful of firefighters on standby closely monitoring the area.

The city’s Fire and Rescue divisional commander, Etienne Van Bergen, said the zone was out of danger.

“The fire is contained. We do have hotspots in the areas which we are busy dealing with, and there are some flare-ups which we are also attending to.”

Traffic in Glencairn Expressway is currently flowing under the supervision of road authorities.