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Citizens Demand the Return of Nigerian Youths

Protesters have marched in northwestern Nigeria under a banner reading #BringBackOurBoys as pressure has mounted on the government to improve security in the region and secure the release of more than 300 kidnapped schoolboys. A video circulating on social media on Thursday purportedly showed Boko Haram members with some of the boys. Featuring Boko Haram’s emblem, the video showed a group of boys in wooded begging security forces to let them leave. Parents fear time is running out to bring the boys home. The armed group Boko Haram, which has said in an unverified audio message that it was behind their abduction from a school on December 11, has a history of turning captives into fighters. Al Jazeera’s Ahmed Idris reporting from Kankara said that a lot of the children who have escaped have talked about trekking through tough conditions: scaling mountains, hills and crossing forests as their abductors pushed them deeper and deeper into the forest.