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China Reports Zero Locally Transmitted Coronavirus Infections

China Reports Zero Locally Transmitted Coronavirus Infections

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For the first time since the outbreak began late last year, china has reported no new local infections of the coronavirus (Covid-19).

However, experts say Wuhan, the Chinese city at ground zero of the coronavirus pandemic, will need to see 14 consecutive days of no new cases before travel restrictions can be lifted.

Mainland China has seen a steady decline in locally transmitted cases for weeks, even as numbers skyrocketed across the rest of the world.

Today, China reported its first day of no new domestic cases since the outbreak started all new cases were imported from abroad.

The total number of confirmed cases in mainland China stands at 80,928, with the overall death toll at 3,245 as of the end of Wednesday, up by eight from the previous day.

In the central province of Hubei, there were eight new deaths, with the provincial capital of Wuhan accounting for six of the fatalities.

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