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China Ready To Help South Africa Battle Coronavirus Outbreak

China Ready To Help South Africa Battle Coronavirus Outbreak

China said that it stood with South Africa and had offered all assistance as the country battled the coronavirus outbreak.

So far, there were no patients who had traveled to China recently who had tested positive for the infection.

Wuhan, a small city in China, was initially the epicentre of the virus which broke out in December before it escalated to a global pandemic.

The Chinese embassy in Pretoria said that the country stood ready to help South Africa within its capacity during the state of disaster declared by President Cyril Ramaphosa.

In a statement, the embassy said that China’s prevention and control measures had been proven to be effective.

It extended a helping hand to the countries in need by sharing success experiences in containing COVID-19 through treatment, sending medical teams and supplies to most countries such as Italy and Iran.

There were only a few more confirmed cases locally in mainland China, which has a massive population of almost a billion and a half people.

China said that it was clear that no country could fight the pandemic alone and was calling for solidarity and unity among countries.


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