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Children from a Lagos Slum Attend Virtual Classes

Through Slum2School, a child development organization in Nigeria, she was given a data subscription, a mobile tablet and Microsoft Office Teams access to continue her education, which has been disrupted since schools were shut as Nigeria went on lockdown in March. Orondaam Otto, founder of Slum2School, told CNN that 948 children from other rural and under-served communities have also been enrolled in the organization’s virtual classes. The plan is to reach up to 10,000 learners by the end of the year, he said. “We have trained Slum2school teachers, facilitators…and professional counselors who engage them across various subjects,” he told CNN. The classes are designed to mimic classroom interactions found in a traditional school setting and are billed as the first of its kind in the country and within the Sub-Saharan region, according to Slum2School.