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Chief Economists Outlook: January 2023

The January 2023 Chief Economists Outlook is published amid continuing economic uncertainty and challenges of historic proportions. As the world puts another tumultuous year behind it, governments, businesses and households will all have to grapple with persistent headwinds throughout 2023. Financial conditions remain tight, with little scope for significant loosening, despite much of the world economy being at risk of recession. However, according to the latest survey of the World Economic Forum’s Community of Chief Economists, there are tentative grounds for optimism, including the prospect of an easing of the cost-of-living and energy crises by the end of this year.

This edition of the Chief Economists Outlook explores the key trends in the economic environment, including the prospects for growth, inflation and monetary and fiscal policy. It also looks at the particular challenges facing businesses and their likely responses in the months ahead. The report draws on the collective views and individual perspectives of a group of leading chief economists through the Forum’s Chief Economists Survey and consultations with the Chief Economists Community.

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