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Chelsea’s Potter Says ‘glow up’ Down To More Expensive Haircut

  • 2 min read

Graham Potter said his positive personal transformation after taking over as Chelsea manager was the result of a haircut that cost a lot more than he expected after switching to the same barber as his players.

Potter’s “glow up” has become a hot topic on social media after he replaced Thomas Tuchel last month, with the 47-year-old former Brighton & Hove Albion manager sporting a shorter trim and fuller beard.

“Somebody said to me the other day that I have had a ‘glow up. I have no idea what that is. I am growing into my face like a fine wine,” Potter said ahead of Sunday’s Premier League trip to Aston Villa.

“I’ve had a haircut from somebody that cuts the lads’ hair, so probably that has made a difference. It cost a lot more than I thought it was going to.”

Potter’s sharper style on the touchline thanks to a roll neck black jumper has also attracted attention, with some users on social media comparing him to James Bond among others.

“I would like discussions about me to be a bit more highbrow than about my jumper or my haircut,” Potter added. “But you need to fill it (24-hour news) with something so it may as well be about my jumper.

“I don’t like seeing myself on telly, I get sweaty palms and I’d rather go to the dentist.”