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Chasing the Summer in these African Destinations

Instagram and Pinterest have created renewed interest in this island in the Indian Ocean, thanks to its “underwater waterfall”—a visually stunning runoff of sand and silt best viewed from above. Roughly 550 miles east of Madagascar, Mauritius may also be home to a lost continent hiding beneath the waves. If you want some activity beyond strolling from lounge chair to beach towel, head to the island’s recently-opened Anantara Iko, featuring miles of hiking trails through La Vallée de Ferney. Giant tortoises, coconut crabs, and black parrots claim this idyllic archipelago as home, due north of Madagascar. The dramatic rock formations along Anse Source d’Argent on La Digue Island compete with the nearly 3,000-foot-high Morne Seychellois peak on Mahé and dense tropical forests of Praslin Island. And then there are the resorts: the country’s two Four Seasons resorts—one on Mahé Island and one on Desroches Island—both appeared on our most recent Readers’ Choice Awards.