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Charl Kinnear’s Widow Opens Culpable Homicide Case

The wife of slain detective Charl Kinnear, Nicole Kinnear, says she has opened culpable homicide charges against officers implicated in a report by police watchdog the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID), relating to his husband’s death.

Last Monday marked exactly three years since the decorated detective was assassinated outside his Bishop Lavis home in Cape Town.

He was supposed to be under State protection; however, his protection details were withdrawn without any reasons given.

The IPID report found a number of police officers to be in the wrong and recommended that action be taken against them.

However, an internal police investigation cleared the implicated officers of any wrongdoing.

Nicole says her family deserves to know what really happened to her husband, and why his protection detail was withdrawn.

“The IPID report I’ve seen it, media has written about it, I received copies from all over the show from various media houses. So, I’m not going to pretend I didn’t see it. And I know that a lot of members were implicated in there, a lot of the members that were implicated are no longer in the organisation.”