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Chakwera Charts the Path of his First 100 Days in Office

Malawi’s new president Lazarus Chakwera says he is working on proposing legislation aimed at trimming his presidential powers in an effort to empower the citizens. In his national address over the weekend, Chakwera said having a president who makes too many decisions has created problems in Malawi and this has led to government mismanagement in the past. Trimming presidential powers was among the campaign promises Chakwera made during political rallies that led to his victory. Chakwera faulted the present arrangement which puts the president as an appointing authority for top positions in the judiciary, legislature, executive, boards of statutory corporations, foreign embassies, and traditional leadership. Critics argue reducing powers would render the president useless, if he just becomes a mere rubber stamp at the expense of pleasing citizens. Some analysts disagree and say trimming presidential powers is the only thing Malawi can do to consolidate its democracy.