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Chadian Prime Minister Resigns After Election Defeat

Chadian Prime Minister Succes Masra has resigned from his position following his defeat to Mahamat Idriss Deby in the presidential election. Masra, who lived in exile in the United States between 2022 and 2023, was appointed prime minister to appease the opposition four months before the elections. He then contested – and lost – for president against his principal Mahamat Deby. Masra announced his resignation on X, alongside that of other members of the transition government stating it was in line with the constitution. Deby, who became transitional president after his father was shot by rebels in 2021, won the election with 61% of the vote, while Masra secured 18.5%. Masra contested the results and claimed victory but would later concede defeat after Chad’s Constitutional Council confirmed Deby as the winner. This election is part of Chad’s effort to return to constitutional rule amidst a history of coups and conflicts.