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Chad wants to Industrialize and Emerge as a Beef Export Powerhouse 

At Chad’s newest and most modern slaughterhouse, precision is paramount as razor-sharp knives deftly transform cattle and mutton carcasses into premium cuts, from sirloin to ribeye, brisket, tenderloin, shanks, and ribs. Nothing goes to waste: bones succumb to the sharp metal claws of machines and are turned into dust, yielding animal feed, fat is refined into tallow for soap production, and even the skins are saved for consumption. The facility processes approximately 200 cattle and 400 sheep every day. Dozens of Chadian butchers wearing pristine, white robes, rubber boots, protective glasses and caps, have been working at the site since it opened in February. The abattoir is situated in Moundou, Chad’s second-largest city and its industrial hub, about 400km south of the capital, N’Djamena. The $32 million investment by the government stands as the latest addition to the country’s growing arsenal of meat processing infrastructure, aimed at advancing its meat export capabilities. Chad plans to export the meat on an industrial scale to multiple destinations in the Middle East and Africa, both by land and air routes.