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Central African Republic Revokes Mining License of Chinese Company for Alleged Collaboration with Militias

The Central African Republic (CAR) government has suspended the operations of Daqing SARL, a Chinese gold and diamond mining company, for allegedly collaborating with armed militias. The Ministry of Mines accused the company of a bevy of offenses, including intelligence with armed groups, illegal exploitation, and tax evasion. Daqing SARL operated in Mingala, a town in southern CAR that has been the site of many battles between the country’s forces and the Coalition of Patriots for Change – part of the broader conflict the country has been engaged in since 2013. Despite its mineral wealth, CAR remains one of the world’s poorest countries partly because of the insecurity, especially since rebel groups have hindered mining exploration. Chinese-run companies bear the brunt of the security challenges, with recent attacks leading to the death of several Chinese workers, as they form the majority of companies operating in the country.