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Case of an Italian Student Killed in Cairo Draws Blanks

Egypt’s public prosecutor has said the killer of the Italian student Giulio Regeni remains unknown as prosecutors in Italy prepare to close the case and move towards bringing at least five Egyptian security officials to trial in Rome. Egyptian prosecutors said on Monday they would temporarily close their investigation into the murder of Regeni, whose body was found in a ditch on the side of a highway on the outskirts of Cairo in February 2016. Regeni’s body was found with signs of torture, which observers say bore the hallmark of Egypt’s security services. Egyptian authorities have consistently rebuffed any suggestion of responsibility, offering a variety of other theories. Italian prosecutors have previously named five security officers as suspects and said in October 2020 that they were about to conclude their investigation. An official announcement is expected later this week, even as Cairo continued stonewalling Italy’s efforts to investigate, according to the Italian side.