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Case Against Kony Hasn’t Gone Cold

The International Criminal Court (ICC) chief prosecutor has sought to revive the case against fugitive Ugandan rebel commander Joseph Kony, who remains at large since an arrest warrant was issued in 2005 on allegations of war crimes. Prosecutor Karim Khan said he had asked judges for authorisation to hold a hearing to confirm the charges against Kony, the head of the notorious Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), in his absence. Confirming the charges against Kony would make it easier and quicker to put him on trial should he be captured, the prosecutor added. Any hearing involving Kony would be a “meaningful milestone for victims of Mr Kony’s crimes who have waited patiently for justice for almost two decades,” Khan said. Kony launched a bloody rebellion more than three decades ago seeking to impose his own version of the Ten Commandments in northern Uganda, unleashing a campaign of “terror” that spread to several neighbouring countries.