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Cartoon Network Climate Champions Celebrates Amazing Support From African Kids

Some impressive insights from Cartoon Network’s multi-territory survey* reveal that 94% of South African kids are concerned about climate change, 95% would like to do more to fight climate change, while 90% are eager to learn more about climate change. Given these insights, it comes as no surprise that the number of challenges accepted by African kids on the Cartoon Network Climate Champions platform has exceeded the 100 000 mark.

Launched in June, the Cartoon Network Climate Champions initiative, aimed at giving kids the tools to act and fight against climate change, invites kids across EMEA to take on small and fun challenges that can make a world of difference to help protect their environment – and kids across Africa have been exceptional!

“Kids care immensely about the planet and are eager to get involved. Since the launch in June, more than 600 000 challenges have already been completed, which is a testament to kids’ desire to take action. We are pleased to empower our young audiences in this way and are impressed with how they are collectively making a difference,” says Vanessa Brookman, Head of Kids, WarnerMedia EMEA.

Flying the Cartoon Network Climate Champions flag high and inspiring kids all over the continent are the Cartoon Network Climate Champions Change Makers. These exceptional youngsters have started significant initiatives to positively impact the planet. Some South African Change Makers, which everyone can discover on the platform, include Hannah Levecque, who reuses water and has infiltrated a greywater system at home. Kristen Marshall made a worm farm to reduce household waste. Rocco & The Future Kids created a group to do beach clean-ups and educate their community on the environment. And, Yola Mgogwana who reduces waste by making eco bricks and has created a community group around this

And, Cartoon Network Climate Champions hasn’t stopped there; through the new and exciting partnership with Climate Action Project, supported by organisations like WWF, NASA, The United Nations and The Jane Goodall Foundation, kids and their teachers can now take part in the action within the classroom through several climate change school learner-focused initiatives. In addition, the new schools’ section on the Cartoon Network Climate Champions website supplies teachers with a curriculum enabling kids in their classes to brainstorm, explore, create, discuss, and act on climate change. 

From recycling to energy, water, food, flora, and fauna, there are many new activities combating global climate change on the website. So, kids, family, and friends let’s bring on the creativity because no action is too small to save the planet and make it a better place to live!