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Carol Ofori Shares Five Things She Wishes Someone Told Her About Being A New Mom

Television and radio personality Carol Ofori is a doting mom to two beautiful children. Today, she has found the work-life-mom balance as she hosts the 9am – 1pm slot on popular Durban-based radio station East Coast Radio, hosts the empowering educational series ‘Raising Babies 101’ every Monday at 09h00 on SABC 2 and still finds time to be a wife and mother to her husband and kids. However, Carol admits that becoming a mother was a shock to her system and there are many things she believes people don’t speak enough about being a first-time mom. So, she’s speaking openly about the five things she wishes someone told her about becoming a mother.

Life Before Becoming A Mom Ceases To Exist – Entirely!

Carol admits that once you become a mother, your whole outlook on life changes. You are responsible for a human life and, along with this massive responsibility, your outlook on life changes. “I often try to remember what life was like when I was not a mom – and bear in mind it was just under 6 years ago,” Carol says. “Being a mom has been so life changing and clearly it comes with some memory loss of some kind – especially because sleep is a thing of the past! Jokes aside – becoming a mom has brought so much growth and joy to my life. You are trying so hard to find your feet and life never goes back to the way it was.”

You Never Really Have ‘Your Time’ Anymore

Building on the fact that life changes forever after having a child, the notion of spending time alone becomes an entirely different thing than what you’re used to it being. “From the second your first child is born, your time is no longer your time. A new baby brings with frequent feeding and nappy changes – and these things all happen on your child’s terms.” Carol adds that while new parents expect this in the infant stage, it never really changes after that. “As my son got older, I learned that even going to the toilet warrants company – and it does not matter if it’s a number one or two, you will have a toilet buddy with you! Even conversations on the phone must be declared! You always get asked ‘who was that’? or ‘Was that daddy?” by the little detectives. So be careful what you say around them because they will re-enact what you did or said!

Your Kids Will Make You Laugh Uncontrollably

Kids really do say and do the darnest things and from the moment that they are born, they will bring more smiles to your face than the tears of being overwhelmed. “Some of the funniest and sweetest things I have heard have been said by my son,” Carol admits. “I think one thing that stands out for me is when I get dressed up and walk out the room and my son shouts ‘Oooooh you look lovely!’ That always warms my heart.” Carol adds “Another thing that made me laugh was when my son overheard me on a call with my sister. I was telling her about a guy who was hitting on me at the grocery store and told her that he’s acted like such a creep. A few hours later, I overheard my son telling his teddy not to be a creek. I laughed out loud because I think creeps should now be called creeks! It’s moments like this that remind me how lucky I am to be a mom to my children.

Your Maternal Behaviour Can Change In A Second

Being a mom comes with a whole range of emotions and Carol wishes someone told her how normal it is to go from one extreme to the other – especially when it comes to your children. “You can sound like a full-blown crazy person because one moment you’re kissing and hugging on them and the next minute they are trying to eat dirt in the garden and you need to stop their behavior,” Carol admits. “You end up having hawk capabilities and having cyber hearing so you can hear when they are up to no good. It’s so common for parents to be laughing one minute and the next they’re shouting at the top of their lungs. Before I became a mom, I found it rather odd but today, I sympathise with my fellow crazies!”

The Best Part Of Parenting Is Getting That Hug and Kiss

Being a first-time parent, you are constantly looking after your children. Every new phase of growth comes with its own set of challenges and you keep learning as you go along. So, getting hugs and kisses from your kids is often the best validation one can ask for. “Getting hugs and kisses from both my five-year-old and one-year-old is by far the best thing about being a mom,” Carol says. “They do it with such intention and admiration. I often find they give you affection when they know you need it and it will make your day. If there is anything that being a mom has taught me, it’s that kiddy love is like no other love.