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Car Subscription Marketplace FlexClub Launches in Cape Town

FlexClub, a car subscription marketplace, has officially landed in Cape Town, along with some exciting launch offers for March. Through partnerships with some of the largest car rental companies in the country, such as AVIS, Cape Town consumers can now experience the magic of car subscriptions, where members can easily browse and order their next car through FlexClub’s dynamic online marketplace.

“FlexClub is ushering in a more flexible and simpler model for how people get cars in markets like Mexico and South Africa, making it a good option for those wanting to avoid the hassle of owning or leasing a vehicle,” says co-founder Tinashe Ruzane. In addition, members also earn valuable rewards over time based on their driving behaviour, forming part of the brand’s Club Rewards model. Members will earn points during the subscription period, and the more points earned, the greater the discounts, including discounts on the purchase price of the car.

Alternative to traditional car loans

As one of the pioneers in flexible car subscriptions, FlexClub is backed by leading technology investors to change how people buy cars, including Kindred Ventures who were early backers of Uber, Postmates and Coinbase. “Car subscriptions on the FlexClub marketplace offer members unparalleled freedom while the experience is fully digital, fast, simple and convenient. In just a few clicks, members can order their car and have it delivered to their door,” says Ruzane.

FlexClub allows a new consumer market of non-car owners to explore their options, including more convenient access to vehicles than the traditional rental market. All interactions are done online, with dedicated customer support available seven days a week. FlexClub also delivers the vehicle to the customer’s door and allows customers to swap or cancel the subscription at any time. Finally, FlexClub does not require a large hold on your credit card, a common practice when renting cars the traditional way and a point of contention for many customers. 

Ruzane continues, “Car subscriptions offer members the flexibility to swap their car, cancel their subscription or buy their car at any time. At FlexClub, we offer an all-inclusive monthly fee, eliminating the need for separate insurance,maintenance or telematic expenses, making it the leading alternative to traditional car loans, which can lock customers into complicated long-term commitments.”

Simplest way to access a car

FlexClub is running a #MarchMadness special as part of their launch offer, giving users 25% off their subscriptions for the first three months. This offer includes zero joining fees and an admin fee of just R50. What’s more, in partnership with LIFT, FlexClub is giving away ten discount vouchers worth 25% off the airline’s base fare. This giveaway, along with more opportunities to win exciting spot prizes,, took place at numerous FlexClub activation venues around Cape Town this past weekend, including Workshop 17, Cafe Caprice, BlackBrick, Truth Coffee, Arnold’s Cafe, The Hans & Lloyd Coffee Co, the Old Biscuit Mill and Cafe Roux at the Noordhoek Farm Village. “At FlexClub, it’s all about flexibility. Customers can get a car on their own terms and choose a subscription package best suited to their needs. We’ve also partnered with some of the country’s leading brands to offer the best vehicles maintained at the highest safety standards. FlexClub is, without a doubt, the simplest and most rewarding way to access a car in South Africa,” Ruzane concludes.

About FlexClub

FlexClub ( is an online marketplace that connects customers looking for flexible access to long-term vehicles with vehicle subscription offers from its partners. FlexClub’s online platform and innovative rewards technology enhances the experience for its members, while reducing risk for its partners. FlexClub is now available in South Africa and Mexico, offering vehicle subscriptions in several major cities.