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Capturing Nigeria’s Style Revolution

For his latest project, Nigerian photographer Oye Diran looked to his old family photos for inspiration. He was especially taken by the elegant clothing his parents used to wear, including his mother in classic Nigerian iro and buba style (a wrapped skirt and tailored top) — often paired with a gele (headwrap). Diran went on to research more imagery from Nigeria in the 1960s to 1980s, before recreating the same vintage feeling for “A Ti De” (“We Have Arrived”), featuring portraits of three women dancing, posing and having a good time. Ojeikere’s celebrated archive documenting the intricate hairstyles and headwear of Nigerian women is echoed not only in “A Ti De,” but Diran’s ongoing series “Gele,” which captures regal matriarchs in opulent settings with elaborately tied headwraps acting as their crowns.