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Cape Town’s Bold Artistic Landscape Creates A Stir Of Inspiration

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Cape Town, with its great natural masterpieces, iconic landmarks, architecture and traditional artistic influences, has played muse to many international artists and brands alike. Most recently, Nespresso celebrated Cape Town’s beauty and art culture through its inclusion in the World Explorations collection, and the launch of this new range of Lungo coffees.

A large part of this campaign was centered around various artistic influences, such as the works of multidisciplinary artist Baba Tjeko, who Nespresso partnered with to bring Cape Town Envivo Lungo to life and portray the city’s vibrancy, through rich, bold use of colour. Another artistic face behind the campaign was Cape Town’s inimitable fashion icon and all-star creative, Seth Shezi. Shezi has a particular interest in the fashion side of art. He believes in using his creative aesthetic to show people how they can incorporate local, more Afrocentric designs into their mainstream wardrobes.

Cape Town’s creative scene is a force to reckon with. It goes beyond the world-class museums, sophisticated architecture and glitzy galleries, offering something that’s truly unique – natural beauty unlike any other. Some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world sit in The Cape, and these sites serve as inspiration behind countless works of art.

There are the well-known wonders such as Table Mountain, the penguins on Boulders Beach and the V&A Waterfront, which draws more traffic than any site in Africa, Egypt’s pyramids included. Then there are the local, less widely-known gems that are works of art in their own right, such as the colourful homes found on the cobbled streets of the Bo-Kaap, the flamboyant bathing boxes on Muizenberg beach, the red and white lighthouse on the tip of the Kalk Bay pier, or Dylan Lewis’ sculptures set in front of the stunning Stellenbosch mountain range.

According to Shezi, ‘“The best days for me, that serve as the ultimate inspiration, are when I have a cup of Nespresso in hand and set off to visit local art galleries or museums, to draw inspiration for my creative endeavors – one of my favourites being the Zeitz MOCCA at the Silo”. Zeitz MOCCA has been labeled Cape Town’s very own Tate Modern, and was named as Time Magazine’s Top 100 destinations of 2018, a shining beacon for the city’s modern art scene.

“Cape Town has always been hot, only now the rest of the world is finally waking up to the fact. The city is the ultimate melting pot of cultures, creeds, and beliefs, the perfect creative pH balance for fostering the pursuit of art,” says Shezi. “Even if you aren’t actively seeking out the art, it always seems to find you in Cape Town. Walking along the Sea Point promenade with the ocean on one side, and guys doing pull ups on the promenade gym on the other side, serves as inspiration to me. Or walking along Kloof Street or Sea Point Main Road, the mix of people provide me with many great subjects to write about,” Shezi continues.

“The World Explorations range aimed to encapsulate the work of art that Cape Town is as a city, and it’s safe to say that wasn’t a hard task,” says Yassir Corpataux, Coffee Ambassador Nespresso MEA. Around every corner there’s an artistic element that’s interesting and thought-provoking, the same sense brought about by Nespresso’s Cape Town Envivo Lungo.

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