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Cape Town Taxi Drivers Cause Massive Disruptions

If you travel by taxi you’ll have to find another way to work and school.

Taxis linked to associations Cata and Codeta weren’t operating on Thursday morning.

“We are marching to the premier’s office but all associations linked to Cata and Codeta won’t be working until after the march”.

The Cape Amalgamated Taxi Association’s Mandla Hermanus said drivers would march to the premier’s office.

Hermanus said authorities’ failure to issue operating licenses was on their list of grievances.

“Like where a new mall has been opened, I will make an example of Brackengate where huge warehouses are there. No operating licenses have yet been issued, we are saying government must issue taxi operators with temporary permits so that they can at least provide a service without the risk of being impounded”.


Taxis obstructed traffic on the N2 which led to multiple road closures, including:
– N2 at Spine diverting onto Spine Road
– N2 inbound at R300 diverting onto R300
– N2 inbound at Borchers’s Quarry diverting onto airport approach and Nyanga/Gugulethu areas