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Cape Town Rally Demands To See State Capture Accused Jailed

Cape Town Rally Demands To See State Capture Accused Jailed

The Ahmed Kathrada Foundation held a rally in Cape Town to demand that those accused of state capture be successfully tried and jailed.

People gathered at St George’s Cathedral on Wednesday night calling for consequences for corruption within the state.

At the event were many organisations, including Outa, the Social Justice Coalition, UniteBehind and Reclaim the City.

People from all over Cape Town attended the rally yesterday, calling on government to make 2020 the ‘year of orange overalls’.

On the stage were posters which read: ‘Crooks belong in jail not in public office’ and ‘Bring back the Guptas. Make them pay’.

Liz McDaid from Outa said for far too long these individuals that were implicated remained free and were not being held accountable for their actions.

“These individuals are responsible for the state of the economy today and yet they still walk free. What message does that send to the rest of the people? The country is desperate to see justice served.”

Axolile Notywaca from the Social Justice Coalition also agreed with McDaid.

“People that are stealing billions of rands who have never seen the inside of a jail or even stepped foot in a court of law.”