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Cape Town Dance Teacher Accused Of Rape

A sexual predator has allegedly been masquerading as a dance teacher in Cape Town’s Gugulethu.

Police and neighbourhood watch groups have held an outreach programme, calling for calm.

That after angry residents threatened to kill the rape-accused 38-year-old man.

Parents say their children will now bear the emotional scars of rape for the rest of their lives. Seven girls aged between 12 and 13 were allegedly raped by their dance teacher. The man is now in police custody. 

The community has since destroyed the informal structure the dance school was situated in, as well as the place where the man lived. 

Community leader, Vusikhaya Silo says: ” I hope that the girls can receive counselling. We are living in fear as we can no longer trust adults around our children.”
The accused rapist is expected to appear in court on the second of February.