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Cameroon’s Stand Up Scene Grows

Young comedians in Cameroon are steadily gaining both strength and popularity — with social media platforms so far being their primary means of comedic expression. Nevertheless, the value of direct exchange between performers and the audience provided by in-person standup comedy shows is not lost on this growing trend. Valery Ndongo seeks to revive the Cameroonian comedy tradition from the 60s and 80s and make it not only more contemporary and professional but also more lucrative for the comedic performers so that local comedians can keep the art form in the country alive while also still making a good living. The comedy visionary and businessman is currently casting young Cameroonian talent for a show he is organising in November. Many young people are now participating in stand up comedy shows, an art form in full expansion in Cameroon with the aim of making themselves known. Something that makes professionals such as Valery Ndongo, the pioneer of stand up comedy in Cameroon, say that the art does indeed nourish its man; even if the theatres were closed for 7 months because of Covid19.