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Cameroon’s Minister of Mines Bestows the National Order of Valour Medal on Jammal

Founder of the Prometal group, Franco-Lebanese industrialist Hayssam el Jammal has established himself in the local steel and metallurgy sector over the last decade and is spreading the “made in Cameroon” concept across Central Africa. His next target: the whole continent. An “exceptional” distinction was awarded by President Paul Biya in recognition of the entrepreneur’s contribution to the industrialisation of Cameroon. “It is an invitation to work harder and to do better every day, thanks in particular to the incentive framework for investment put in place by the Cameroonian authorities and the import-substitution policy implemented by the government,” Jammal says. Jammal supervises about 1,000 workers, making sure each of them performs their job with precision and delivers the best quality of work possible. In only ten years of operation, Prometal has become an important actor in ferrous building materials in the Cemac area. Prometal, the company where he is the Managing Director, is the strategic partner of several infrastructure projects in Cameroon. The company has worked on the Lom Pangar dam; the second bridge over the Wouri River, in Douala; as well as the two stadiums of Olembé, in Yaoundé, and Japoma, in Douala, where the African Cup of Nations were hosted earlier this year.